Jupiter Hell 1.0.0 - Full Release!

Tue, 10 Aug 2021 19:33:26 GMT

Jupiter Hell 1.0.0 has been released!

After years of development, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce - Jupiter Hell comes out of access - we're out of Beta and releasing on time!


Make sure to make use of the 20% launch discount - it's here for a limited time!

This is not just a ‘final touch’ update. No, that would be too easy! This is a complete replacement of ... Read More

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Jupiter Hell 0.9.0 - Masters!

Mon, 27 Apr 2020 17:14:33 GMT

Jupiter Hell update 0.9.0 Masters! has been released!

Masters brings 15 (fifteen!) Master Traits (each making a significant change to playstyle), 6 new weapon types, chainfire, animation updates and more!

Read more about it here on the forum!

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Jupiter Hell has entered Early Access - get it on Steam or GOG!

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 02:26:30 GMT

Jupiter Hell finally has been released on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development! Get it now and help us support its further development!

Jupiter Hell on Steam!
Jupiter Hell on GOG!

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Jupiter Hell - Beta 0.7.0 RELEASED!

Sat, 22 Jun 2019 17:56:44 GMT

Welcome to Io, Marines - there's a war raging! There's a lot of meat in this release so gear up and get ready (and restart Steam to force the update!)

Read about it on the Jupiter Hell website: https://jupiterhell.com/news/27

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Jupiter Hell FREE Weekend DEMO on Steam!

Fri, 21 Jun 2019 19:52:46 GMT

Play a FREE pre-release DEMO of JUPITER HELL on Steam all weekend! 

1. Retweet!
2. Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/jupiterhell
3. Message the CRI Command bot the secret passcode: !Hell4U
4. Play and wishlist!


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